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As the South Florida real estate market recovers, the number of licensed real estate professionals entering the industry is on the rise.

For sellers who are attempting to achieve the best resale price for their units, the current climate poses risks as not all real estate professionals have the same level of expertise, data, reach, and respect in the industry. 

For those sellers who demand to work only with experienced and knowledgable real estate professionals, look no further than the brokerage firm with South Florida's Condo Experts™.

CVR Realty™ is a licensed Florida real estate brokerage that was founded in 2009 by the often-quoted real estate consultant Peter Zalewski of Downtown Miami-based Condo Vultures® LLC.

Even before the South Florida real estate market began to crash in 2007, Zalewski - who is a nonpracticing licensed broker and a member of the Board of Governors for the Miami Association Of Realtors - was ahead of the industry in founding the real estate consultancy Condo Vultures® LLC and a buy-side real estate brokerage called Condo Vultures® Realty LLC in 2006 to capitalize on the downturn.

CVR Realty™ - which works with buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords - is a next generation company based on the Condo Vultures® concept of creating intellectual property - by way of mining public records, analyzing trends, and speaking with prominent players in the industry - to gain a competitive advantage. 

In the seven years since its founding, Condo Vultures® LLC has emerged as the authority on South Florida's condominium market.

Zalewski has been quoted and cited more than 500 times by local, state, national, and international media outlets ranging from the BBC to CNBC, the International Herald Tribune to the Wall Street Journal, the Miami Herald to the Palm Beach Post, BusinessWeek to Time magazine. Zalewski even appeared in film director Michael Moore's Hollywood documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story." 

Based on their original experience, many customers of Condo Vultures® Realty LLC have decided that the time is right to resell their properties that were purchased during the real estate meltdown. CVR Realty™ is the obvious choice to represent these sellers.

Additionally, owners who may not have purchased their properties from Condo Vultures® Realty, and now realize it is time to sell, are attracted to CVR Realty™ for its unheralded Market Intelligence, marketing, and professional sales team.

CVR Realty™ differentiates itself from the competition based on the policies of:

  • Accurately determining the selling price resulting from unfettered proprietary information 
  • Promoting the property to a readership of tens of thousands of subscribers to the weekly Market Intelligence Report™ newsletter 
  • Promoting the property to the Condo Vultures® Realty LLC database of buyers 
  • Creating an online video on every property listing 
  • Responding to all property inquiries within 60 minutes
  • Always having a seller representative present when a buyer visits a property 


First we start by using the traditional approach to valuating a property.

  • Analyze the property 
  • Review the location and desirability 
  • Report all recently closed sales 
  • Examine what else is currently for resale 
  • Review the property's condition 
  • Look at the financial stability of the condo association 
  • Determine if the property is best suited for an end-user or an investor 

This comprehensive market analysis will allow CVR Realty™ to accurately determine the best price to effectively resale the property in the shortest amount of time.

Then we add the CVR Realty™ approach:

  • Promote the property to tens of thousands of subscriber to's weekly Market Intelligence Report™ newsletter 
  • Promote the property to the Condo Vultures® Realty LLC database of buyers
  • Produce a video to showcase the properties, and upload the video to the,, etc 
  • List the property in the Multiple Listing Service,,, etc
  • Market the property on social media websites, including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc


The Internet is the most popular way of marketing real estate. Most buyers go to the Internet before they even come to Florida to start to look at real estate. What a buyer is looking for is location, price, quality, and view. Personal relationships and customer service is expected in today's world. CVR Realty™ understands that.


A recent National Association of Realtors survey indicates that 98% of consumers find the Internet very useful or somewhat useful in gathering information concerning home purchases. Other recent studies show:

  • Almost 100% of home buyers now start looking at homes BEFORE looking for an agent. The Internet has enabled them to do this without an agent's assistance 
  • 80% of home buyers (and growing) consider themselves "Internet Buyers"

Of "Internet Buyers", nearly ALL of them found their agent online. NONE of them found their agent through brochures, flyers, yard signs, newspapers, or mailers. They seldom interview more than one agent and the most common reason cited for selecting an agent is "They were the first agent to get back to me"

CVR Realty™ uses the Internet as its primary marketing tool.

Growing on the reputation and credibility of Condo Vultures® founder Peter Zalewski, CVR Realty™ is positioned to reach tens of thousands of registered newsletter subscribers and database of Buyers specifically interested in South Florida real estate.


The first contact a buyer has is the most important. That customer experience will set the tone for all follow-up discussions.

The CVR Realty™ approach is to ensure that first encounter is unforgettable for the buyer by being:

  • Efficient 
  • Responsive 
  • Professional 
  • Courteous 
  • Knowledgeable 

To ensure this, CVR Realty™ offers the following guarantees to all our sellers and buyers:

  • All agents are required to have an iPhone, Android, or other PDA device 
  • All agents are required to answer a buyer's request fast - within 60 minutes of receipt 
  • All agents are available 24/7; we work to never miss an inquiry from a buyer 
  • All agents work as a team so someone is always available to show a property, even with last-minute requests

Our comprehensive sales and marketing program provides:

  • All properties are shown by an agent; lock boxes will not be used as a policy. Every property is important to CVR Realty™ therefore a seller representative will accompany every buyer personally into every unit 
  • Online social networking sites are incorporated into our web site, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and You Tube
  • A video will be created for every property listing and placed on the CVR Realty™ website. Online video is the CVR Realty™ standard for marketing our properties 

CVR Realty™ is working to become the South Florida brokerage that sellers contact to resell their properties. The organization's extensive data and ongoing market intelligence has become the industry standard used by other real estate companies in their marketing efforts.

With tens of thousands of potential buyers receiving our weekly newsletter, CVR Realty™ has a database of investors, second-home buyers, and primary users searching for well-priced, quality product that is available for acquisition.

CVR Realty™ prides itself on being able to successfully sell your property simple, fast, and professionally.

For a free consultation on selling your condo, please call our office at 305-865-5859 or complete a request form.

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